Saturday, August 16, 2008


Here is a list of the places I'll be visiting during my trip. Some of the dates are approximate only.

1 Sept: Depart Australia
2 Sept: Singapore - Frankfurt

3 Sept-17 Oct: Six week Electronic Text+Textiles Residency in Riga, Latvia. During the residency I will visit all the places outside Riga where my mother and other members of her family lived: Valmiera, Dikli, Strenci, Smiltene, Aluksne, Kandava and Jelgava. I will also visit Velikie Luki in Russia, where my great grandfather died, and I'm planning a brief visit to Moscow.

17-25 Oct
: Liepaija, Latvia to Gdansk and Leszno in Poland. This marks the start of my mother's journey from Riga to Australia.

26 Oct-17 Nov: Berlin, Teltow, Gusten, Dresden, Leipzig and Hannover in Germany. My mother spent nearly four years in Camp 2715 'Accu' Garbsener Landstrasse in
Hannover-Stöcken. In 1949 her family went to Fallingbostel Transit Camp before heading for Bagnoli Camp near Naples, Italy. They travelled to Australia on the Fairsea. I will make some diversions on my way south.

18-20 Nov: Paris (possibly)
21-23 Nov: Geneva
24-28 Nov: Naples and Pompei
28-30 Nov: London
1 Dec: Honk Kong
2-8 Dec: Tokyo and Naoshima
9-12 Dec: Melbourne
12 Dec: Hobart


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the award Brigita! What a great project to be working on. I'm really looking forward to reading about your travels and have forwarded the link to my mum and gran. You never know, there might be some strange connections!
Best of luck, BRIONY

Unknown said...

Dear Brigita,

Let me briefly introduce myself: I am Manuela Rossini, one of the three Creative Directors of e-t+t. I've spent last week in Riga but had to return before your arrival - alas.

I live in Basel, Switzerland, and hope to engage with your diary virtually from here. Your/your mother's journey is 'impressive' (for lack of a better word) and it takes a lot of courage and strength, I can imagine, to be on the road for so long and to face all that you encounter in your mother's footsteps and elsewhere.

I hope that these encounters will not only be painful ones and that the 'witnessing' of sorts can be worked through in your art.

With my best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hi Brigita, what a fantastic record of your travels so far, it sounds like you are on an amazing journey ... everything is satus quo here ... hope you're well (i like the sound of the vodka medicine!)